Science Cafes

In 2011, I embraced a wonderful live channel of communication, known as the science cafe, which had its origins in Europe around the turn of the millennium and has since grown into a worldwide movement. I joined the movement by founding DC Science Cafe at Busboys and Poets, a local Washington, DC, restaurant that doubles as one of the city’s most important cultural hubs. In 2014, when I was a journalist in residence at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (at the University of California, Santa Barbara), I established a west coast series, Cafe KITP, in downtown Santa Barbara at the SOHO Restaurant and Music Lounge.

 DC Science Cafe


Find out more about DC Science Cafe on the web site of the DC Science Writers Association. And check out an archive of promotional fliers for all of the DC Science Cafe events since the series began in 2011.


This video by ShareAmerica, a government TV station, features DC Science Cafe.



Find out more about Cafe KITP.

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