A History of Technology: Aha

The first aha! moment
Born with a line of blood
Tracing where a flint flake,
A rock-against-rock result,
Had drawn across the smarting hand
Of Helen Homo Habilis
A two-million year old wince
Chased by a wide-eyed mother of all Ahas.

A rock knapped
Is a rock sharpened
Is a tool that cuts
Is a ticket to more meat
In that scant scavenging window
Before the hyenas or the lions
Or both
Make meat of you
Helen Homo Habilis

A tool that cuts
From rock against rock
A tiny refinement
Of the hard and the raw
Rocky blades, these
Fossils of Google shares

Helen Homo Habilis knew
You could see it in her eyes
In the way she hoarded that flint
In the way others stayed near her
Stone became blade
This blade.
The one that that bled
The hand of this Homo Habilis
The one who reset history.

Ivan Amato

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